Our meeting began with president elect Michael Gomberg filling in for Seamus Doyle.  We started with the pledge and the prayer.   We are still in the process of picking a spaghetti dinner date.  Visiting Rotarian Thomas Crowley talked about some of the things Hampton Bays Rotary is doing.  Vicky won the 50/50 but did not pick the Jack of Hearts.  Paul Cassella gave out a big check to Thomas Crowley for winning the 3rd Quarter of the football pool.  Roy Wines also won the 1st and 4th quarter and donated his prize to Rob Gill's cause , sending the kids to a leadership conference.  2nd Quarter winner Tom Davis also donated his money back to the club.  
Sargent Harold Wilson quizzed us some of the strangest questions i've ever heard.   Including what a tittle is (it's the name of the punctuation on the j).   Our program was Paul Anthony from Bay Street Theater who told us about his experience being on the staff of the theater.