Meeting came to order with the pledge and the prayer.  Sean made an announcement about the upcoming Evening at Rogers Mansion August 11th.   Beau made an announcement about this week's Fresh Air Home event.  Dermot made an announcement about the upcoming golf event at Atlantic Golf Club.  The event will be limited to 88 players, and reported about halfway sold.   T-Signs sponsorships are $250.  Travis won the 50/50 but it was the 6 of spades .  Travis Corwin was our sergeant he talked about Watermelon Day.  Talked about the death of legend, Tony Bennett.  Dermot was best dressed.  There are 11 Village beaches.  Our program was  Ann Gomberg and Julie Ratner of Ellen Hermanson Foundation, they talked about all of their work with Ellen Hermanson Foundation.  We did a breast cancer exercise where everyone stood up knew someone who has suffered with breast cancer.  The Ellen Hermanson Foundation there annual walk on the 20th and their Gala on the 26th.