Our new president, Michael Gomberg got to ring the bell in his first meeting as president.  The meeting began with the pledge, and the prayer.  We enjoyed some delicious pasta served from the Southampton Inn.  We had a lot to talk about with our 8k run and installation dinner the previous week.  Harold talked about the upcoming baseball game scheduled for tomorrow.  Check the events section for more information.  The big news came when Alexis Mayer drew the winning ticket and found the Jack of Hearts among the 7 cards that were left.  Alexis won $762, congratulations.  Travis Corwin was our sargent.  He talked about National Fried Chicken day and flag facts.  He also auctioned off a one of a kind paper weight with the Rotary logo engraved in it.  Our program was Frank who talked about S.C.O.T.T. Program.  A trade school initiative to encourage blue collar workers to live and work in the area.