Our meeting began with the pledge and the prayer.  Tim Corwin spoke about this Saturday's upcoming hike.  Tom Guldi won the 50/50 but did not pick the jack of hearts.  Nick Dyno president all of of the Students of the Month.  There names are listed below.  Nick also spoke about some upcoming programs for the high school in September 2023 that he hopes to get approval for the new school year. This includes a partnership between Southampton High School, East Ed Bocces and Southampton Hospital for a program giving students some real life working experience in the hospital environment.  Also a new program to help improve our teacher the shortage, giving students real life experience in childhood development.  He said he hope to have the new programs instituted by 2024 school year.  
Southampton Elementary School - Opening Act Club
January: Nash Lysogorski
February: Michael Ramirez
March: Marwin Cajamarca
Southampton Intermediate School - Early Act Club
January: Mateya Silvera
February: Connor Navan
March: James Navan
Southampton High School - Interact Club
January: Eyup Cayan 
February: Cadie Hancock
March: Logan O'Neill