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Our meeting began with the pledge and the prayer.  We talked about Spaghetti Dinner, sponsorships, etc.   Travis Corwin was our sargent.  He told us that today was OK day.  Also photons tend to travel light.  Guest Simone won the 50/50 but did not pick the jack of hearts.  We auctioned off a rotary vintage t-shirt that went to Rosane.  The program was Pamela from HARLI telling us about her organization and how she fights domestic violence
We started our meeting with the pledge and the prayer.   Spaghetti Dinner dates will be announced at sometime tomorrow.  Looking at May 1st or May 8th.  Terri K spoke about upcoming interviews for student scholarships.  This year we will be giving 6 to Southampton Students, and 1 to Bridgehampton Students.  Dermot spoke about the coat drive that he's currently running.  Harold Wilson was our sargent.  He took us on a journey of silly happenings all over the world.  Vicki won the 50/50 but did not pick the jack of hearts.  Kevin Mann came back to talk to us about peace poles,  Hope Children's Fund and a district golf tournament on June 19th, 2023.  Should Southampton Rotary field a team to compete for the title?  Let me know if there's any interest.  Rosane Cassella will be chairing a committee on Peace Poles.  If anyone is interested in being on the committee, also let me know  
Our meeting began with the pledge and the prayer.  Tim Corwin spoke about this Saturday's upcoming hike.  Tom Guldi won the 50/50 but did not pick the jack of hearts.  Nick Dyno president all of of the Students of the Month.  There names are listed below.  Nick also spoke about some upcoming programs for the high school in September 2023 that he hopes to get approval for the new school year. This includes a partnership between Southampton High School, East Ed Bocces and Southampton Hospital for a program giving students some real life working experience in the hospital environment.  Also a new program to help improve our teacher the shortage, giving students real life experience in childhood development.  He said he hope to have the new programs instituted by 2024 school year.  
Southampton Elementary School - Opening Act Club
January: Nash Lysogorski
February: Michael Ramirez
March: Marwin Cajamarca
Southampton Intermediate School - Early Act Club
January: Mateya Silvera
February: Connor Navan
March: James Navan
Southampton High School - Interact Club
January: Eyup Cayan 
February: Cadie Hancock
March: Logan O'Neill
Our meeting started with the pledge and the prayer.  We took our annual picture in front of the fireplace of the Southampton Inn.  Our president elect Michael Gomberg, in a kind gesture had a cardboard cutout of president Seamus Doyle so he didn't miss the picture.  Dermot won the 50/50 and table stakes.  Our program was presented by Tara Archer,  The Butterfly Effect Project, Vivian and Shanissa came and spoke to us about there organization.  With the goal of creating safe spaces for girls and boys to succeed.  It was great to hear about some of the activities they are doing with the ultimate goal of putting children in a position to succeed in life.  You can find their organization on the web at http://www.bepgirls.org
Our meeting began with president elect Michael Gomberg filling in for Seamus Doyle.  We started with the pledge and the prayer.   We are still in the process of picking a spaghetti dinner date.  Visiting Rotarian Thomas Crowley talked about some of the things Hampton Bays Rotary is doing.  Vicky won the 50/50 but did not pick the Jack of Hearts.  Paul Cassella gave out a big check to Thomas Crowley for winning the 3rd Quarter of the football pool.  Roy Wines also won the 1st and 4th quarter and donated his prize to Rob Gill's cause , sending the kids to a leadership conference.  2nd Quarter winner Tom Davis also donated his money back to the club.  
We opened with the pledge, and the prayer.   The Spaghetti Dinner will be returning on a Monday in April.  Dates TBD.  Sean Denehy shared his experience of visiting some rotary clubs abroad and 3 pictures that were taken.  Tom Guldi was our sargent.  Travis picked the jack of....diamonds and did not win the big prize.  Better luck next time.  Our program was Judi Roth, Sean Crowley, and Elin talking about a new Aquatic Center that's in the works off of Magee Street. 
We started off the meeting with the pledge and the prayer.   Tim Corwin spoke about this Saturday hikes at Trout Pond.  Information on the hikes can be found on the front page on the right hand side you will see a link.  Dermot Dolan spoke about a winter clothing drive .  They will be accepting donations until the end of March.  If you would like to participate you can bring any winter items to  the meeting for Dermot to pick up, or drop off at Hamptons Risk Management on 2228 Montauk Hwy in Bridgehampton.  The apparel will be given to Heart of the Hamptons.  Paul Cassella announced the finale of the football pool and we picked the numbers.  There will be an email sent on the final box sometime before the weekend.  Travis Corwin was our sargent, we did trivia and raffled off a Rotary Hat, for $40 sold to our program Paul Delzatto of Cub Scouts.  Paul D talked about their upcoming trip with the kids to the intrepid.  They are going to camp out on the boat , very exciting.   The club donated some money to the Cub Scouts to help them pay for their adventure.
Our meeting began with  the pledge, and the prayer.  We enjoyed some chicken franchaise from  the delicious food at Southampton Inn.  Ed S won the 50/50 but did not pick the Jack of Hearts.  The rotary club enjoyed an excellent sargent routine by newcomer Travis Corwin.  He even auctioned off a rotary pen.  He also had the program, Megan Cunningham from New Hope Rising.  An organization that helps people that have problems with drinking or drugs.  Their guidance of helping people, is definitely "God's Work" and we appreciate them stopping in and sharing their mission and outreach.
At this weeks meeting Paul won the 50/50 but picked the 6 of clubs and not the jack of hearts.  Tom Guldi got the rotary membership going with quiz questions related to books.  Eileen from Book Fairies joined us  to tell us about her journey delivering books to children in a country that's currently facing a book shortage
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