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Our celebration began at 11am with chair, Robert Gill giving us direction.  We set the food up on an assembly line, and a few members made additional boxes.  The help arrived at 12pm and we got to work  packing about 150 boxes of miscellaneous food items.  It's amazing to see this in action and because everyone knows what we are doing and what's expected.  Before you know it you have a full truck of boxes that were dropped off at Heart of The Hamptons immediately following the meeting.  After a boxed lunch from Golden Pear, we proceeded with the pledge and the prayer.   Holiday party and Peace Pole announcements were made next week.  Holiday Party at Main Prospect in place of next weeks meeting 6pm .  Peace Pole Ceremony next Saturday at 11am.  Nick Dyno took over the reigns as we saluted our Students of the Month for October, November and December.  Thank you everyone for your help today.  Looking sharp.
October: Yuneun Lopez
November: Greyson Taraba
December: Marcus Cook
October: Kevin Lopez
November: Sophie Escobar
December: Isabella Glorioso
October: Anthony Glanz
November: Deily Gonzalez
December: Jaslyn Lopez
Meeting  began with the prayer and the pledge.  My first time doing the pledge.  We talked about the progresss with Peace Pole, and Peace Pole Ceremony scheduled for December 16th at 11am.  Alexis spoke about the Christmas Party at Main Prospect.  We gave a Paul Harris to Travis Corwin who was the Greeter, and Sargent today.  Alexis won the 50/50 and had another shot at the money, but the 10 of hearts meant the contest continues another week.  Lynda won best dressed.   I couldn't remember that Ben Stiller was in Zoolander.  We learned about the names for a Short Mom, is Mini-mum and the Empire State Building can't jump.  We donated money to Southampton Volunteer Ambulance represented by Colby Gill.   Our program was Beatrix from Southampton Animal Shelter talked about surrenders being up and adoption taking a big hit since Covid.  They talked about the constant need for Volunteers and talked about the other services they offer.  
Kevin greeted us with the pledge.  Tim Corwin did the prayer.  We saw Mark Hannon sporting a new winter November look.   Rosane update us on peace pole progress.  We are having a ceremony on December 16th,  Time to be determined.  Alexis and Joy updated us on Holiday Party, December 14th, Main  Prospect, 6pm $50/per person.  Sign ups are available on the website or by contacting Joy or Alexis (Chair) .  Lane won the 50/50.  Tom Guldi was all about polish authors and the fallen down priest.  The program was Alina from Big Brothers, Big Sisters.  They expressed the need for more Men volunteers.  I was away in Florida playing in poker tournaments and won big.  Lynda took notes and kept are blog going.  
We began with the prayer and the pledge.  There was an announcement for a business meet hosted by Southampton Inn on November 30th, from 5pm-7pm.  Joy made an announcement about the Christmas Party.  Rosane updated us about the Peace Pole.  We met with the mayor and we are trying to place the pole next to the rotary clock on Jobs Lane.  There trying to get the pole on the agenda for the Agawam Prak tree lighting ceremony.  Tom Guldi made a Veterans Day announcement .  He will be the speaker for tomorrow's ceremony.  Michael O'Sullivan won the 50/50 with the chance to win $417 but choose the Queen of Clubs.  Harold Wilson was our sargent.  Our program was Rob from Gift of Life.  He talked about all the kids that benefited from receiving cardiac assistance.  He also spoke about cardiac training in other countries so that kids can get the care they deserve
Meeting began with the prayer and the pledge.  Alexis made an announcement, we are a go on the Christmas Party.  The peace pole has arrived.  Rosane spoke about her goals with the peace pole .  Select Rotary members will be visiting the mayor's office next Thursday to discuss a plan for the peace pole somewhere in Southampton.  There's a Rotary Foundation lunch on November 12th, an email went out to all members this week it's $90.  Travis Corwin was our sargent, and announced Ray Enstine as  the winner of the 50/50, he choose the Ace of Spades.  We also spent time getting people the appropriate change.  Travis talked about All Souls Day.  James won best dressed.  James Polk was president from 1845-49.  You can tell how old a shark is by examining his eye.  When the cheese factory burns down it leaves debris.   Kevin L. McCrudden was our speaker.  Talked about his new movie "The Light of Man"  and his journey as a motivational speaker and inspirational leader.  
Meeting began with the prayer and the pledge.  We sang Happy Birthday to president Michael Gomberg, and Brian Leiser . Karen Acker was the Sargent.  Tom Guldi had a chance to win $361 but did not pick the Jack of Hearts.  Rosane won best dressed (it must be the boots).  It was Keith Urban's Birthday.  Why do golfers hate to eat birthday cake?   Answer: they may get a slice.   Paul was asked who was in the world series.  Talking to my friends last night, i asked them the same question,  It's Diamondbacks, Texas.  It's great to be prepared.  Rotarians were given treats if they answered a question correctly.  Our program was Kristen from Camp Paquatic.  They talked about the challenges about running their camp and their goals about helping people with special needs.  We all received their wish list.  I was very inspired.  After the meeting was over,  i was involved in a few conversations it sounded like the membership was moved and was interested in jumping in and helping.  Hopefully we can talk about full filling some of their wishes.   Here is there wish list.  https://clubrunner.blob.core.windows.net/00000001771/en-ca/files/homepage/camp-paquatic/wish-list.pdf
Meeting began with the prayer and the pledge.  Joy made an announcement about the upcoming Christmas Party December 14th.  Paul won the 50/50 but picked the wrong card 2 of spades.  Our sargent was Harold.  District Governor Tom Crawley paid us a visit .  He handed out his theme pins, "Create Hope in the World:"  Tom talked about the 3 ways to attack Mental Health issues 1. Break the Silence, 2. Students, 3. Veterans/Law Inforcement and 1st Responders.  He also talked about "Doing More Rotary"  his message as DG is to just do a little bit more. 
We were in the Shinnecock  Room for today's meeting.  We had a guest Carol who was introduced to Rotary through our successful party on Friday.  Dermot reported that we have 17 4somes for Wednesday's Golf Outing at Atlantic Golf Club.  Mark Hannon reminded us of what's acceptable attire for golf, no jeans.  The shotgun will go off at 11:30am.  If your interested in volunteering please contact Dermot.   Rosane reported that the Peace Pole has been purchased.  We will be looking to setup a meeting with the mayor when the pole comes in.  Michael announced there is an alzheimer'swalk next Saturday.  Lynda made an announcement that we will be enforcing meeting duties penalty (Desk, Program, and Greeter) with agreed fine of $10 per miss.  I think this a great thing for the club going forward with the ultimate goal of having someone in every meeting role each week.  Our sargent Travis announced the winning ticket Lori won the 50/50 but did not pick the jack of hearts.  The journey continues.  Lynda won best dressed.  We learned that there will be a weed despencery coming to Bridgehampton next to Carvel.   Travis told some really great jokes, had me cracking up.  Our program was John & Beth Manillo, regular guests.  They are hosting a reception on November 10th from 12-4pm at the Southampton Art Center.  John's art will be displayed in the gallery from Nov 9th to the 26th.  We always appreciate John & Beth stopping in and giving his perspective on the lighter side of the Vietnam War.
Meeting began with  the pledge and the prayer.  Lori made an announcement about a viewing of "Light of Man" on Monday 7pm at Southampton Cultural Center at 7pm.  Mark Hannon talked about the success of the golf outing.  Alexis Mayer and Joy took charge of the upcoming Christmas Party.  More to come soon.  Karen Acker was our sargent.  Travis won the 50/50.  Rosane and Lynda won best dressed.  We learned that Columbus discovered America in 1492 and was recognized much latter.  We spent some time mulling over positive thoughts about the Hamas/Israeli conflict/war.  Our program was Richard King who talked about his role and history in the farming industry on the East End.   He's now involved as the pastor of the Cutchogue Church.  I enjoyed hearing his story.  
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