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We started with a prayer and the pledge.  We started off our meeting with Joy talking about Day of Service.  Thank you for everyone who volunteered we had 39 in total.  We donated a plate of cookies and brownies as a part of our day.  You can check out the post in the newsletter for more.   Info and pictures were submitted to the Press, and Dans Papers today .  Travis was our sargent who also won the 50/50.   He talked about Classic Movie Day, it  also happened to be Janet Jackson's birthday.  Why don't dogs tell stories?  They only have one tale lol.  Which actress is already cereal?  Reece Witherspoon.  The microwave was invented to prevent candy bars from melting.   Our program was Jenna Schwerzmann from Surfrider.org (Yes i spelled that right)  .  She  talked about all of the work she does  to keep our beaches safe.  She talked about water testing, clean water, and beach access.  For more on Jenna's organization checkout here
  Harold was Sargent.   Michael won table stakes.   Harold won the 50/50.  Paul was sick. Our program was Merit Molan, of Hamptons Community Outreach.  There mission is to change the lives of the poor by meeting their needs. and by creating opportunities that change the life trajectories for our marginalized neighbors.  For more information on their mission,  you can check out their website here
Today for our Rotary Day of Service we enjoyed entertaining the residents at the Southampton Rehabilitation Center. A marimba band from Bridgehampton High School played and the kids from Southampton Schools played games like red light green light, hot potato, duck duck goose, and the Rotarians got up to play hot potato too!! From a woman who approached me “this was the most fun day ever” Today for our Rotary Day of Service we enjoyed entertaining the residents at the Southampton Rehabilitation Center. A marimba band from Bridgehampton High School played and the kids from Southampton Schools played games like red light green light, hot potato, duck duck goose, and the Rotarians got up to play hot potato too!! From a woman who approached me “this was the most fun day ever”
The community gathered at The Clubhouse in East Hampton on Saturday May 11th to support Kayla Kierney, grand daughter to member Lynda DiBenedetto.  Joined on stage with Lynda, was our district governor Tom Crawley, wife and president of Hampton Bays Rotary Julie Crawley, Assistant District Governor Rosane Cassella, , President Michael Gomberg and member Vicki Kahn
Meeting began with the prayer and the pledge.  We started our meeting talking about Rotary Day of Service, May 18th.  We will be volunteering at the Southampton Nursing Home.  More information to come next week.  Tim spoke about a new trail and hike that he will be leading this Saturday.  Michael challenged everyone to bring a guest in in the next 6 weeks, new members are needed some please accept his challenge.  The scholarship committee will be meeting this Tuesday at 5pm to review candidates .  If anyone is interested in participating, please contact Terri Kiernan. The meeting will be on zoom.  We are increasing the amounts from $2000 to $2500.  Tom Guldi was our sargent.  We learned that in 1939 Lou Gehrig played his last game .  In 1803 Napoleon  purchased the  Louisiana purchase for 15 million.  Dr Lea Liss was our program.  She talked about using alternative treatment with children that are suffering with mental health issues.  All spaghetti Dinner tickets have been mailed out.  All members are required to sell or purchase 6 tickets $180.  If you need additional tickets please let me know
Meeting began with the prayer and the pledge.  Michael has 2 guest Ann and Maxwell.  Tickets for Spaghetti Dinner will be available next week.  Remember next week our meeting will be at 5:30pm at Southampton Publick House, NEXT Thursday.  The wheels are still turning on Rotary Day of Service , May 18th.  Dermot won the 50/50, and choose the Queen of Diamonds.  Travis C was our sargent displaying a fresh hair cut.   Beau won the jewelery auction.  Did anyone notice the numbers being picked in sequence 729783, 729784, 729781 hmmmm.  Beau choose the pendant.  Today was Animal Cracker Day.  Orange Paul won best dressed, but continued to get fined.   Why does the Norway navy have bar codes on the side of their ships? So they can Scandinavian.  The police blotter revealed someone was hired to transport a car from West Palm Beach, Florida to Bridgehampton and the customer never received his car.  What a shame!  Our program was James Moore, of Southampton Police Department K9 Unit, and Topper 7 year old German Sheppard.  I thought it was interesting to hear that the dogs take commands in German.
Meeting began with the prayer and the pledge.  We enjoyed delicious Meatloaf and mashed potatoes.  Joy had a guest Gabby.  We will be doing a food drive this week, please bring in food for drop off at the pantry.  We swear in Jeff Drubych sponsored by Rosane Cassella.  Paul Smith won the 50/50 but selected the 9 of diamonds.  So the pot increases and we have another shot at it next week.  Harold Wilson was our sargent.  We lost Oj Simpson.   We will be keeping a closer eye on badges as Jeff accidently got his badge prior to his swear in.   This date in history in 1970 Apollo 13 came out.  Travis will be doing a jewlery auction next week so bring additional funds.  Johanna was our program.  She talked about prosecuting cyberbullying crimes. . We talked about ways to protect yourself against fraud .  
Meeting began with the prayer and the pledge.  Seamus had Jennifer as a guest. Spaghetti Dinner is scheduled for May 20th.  Day of Service May 18th.  We talked about trying to increase schlorships from 2000, to 2500.  Tim spoke about a hike through Tuckahoe Swamp this past Saturday at 9:45 kiosk at 44 whites Ln.  Southamptontrails.org for more info .  This is Tim's last hike for awhile.  Mark Hannon wins the 50/50.  We gained a member today, as we swear in Paul Smith.  Harold Wilson was our sargent.  The next solar eclipse will be in 2079.  It can only be viewed during a new moon.  15 states will be able to view the solar eclipse.  Our program was Robert from Atlantic Marine Conservation Society.  He spoke about the amount of whale strandings have increased from about 20 a year to about 200 per year .  There doing some great work to try to get answers on why we are seeing so many whales die.  You can check them out on the web here
Our meeting began with the prayer and the pledge.  Lori and Rosane attended Pets training over the weekend.  Lori spoke about her positive experience and learned a lot from the yearly Rotary leadership training.  Spaghetti Dinner price is going up from $25 to $30.  Dinner will be on May 20th, at Edgewater Restaurant.  We are still looking for someone to lead the Rotary Day of Service on May 18th.  Some rotary members attended brunch with the Mayor.  Travis C was our sargent.  Ed S won the 50/50.  Travis discussed National Stuff on a stick day.  Cadberry company creating 1.5 billion chocolate eggs.  The world's largest egg is in Alberta Canada.  A police call that was discussing free donuts in a parking lot ended up being a car doing donuts in a parking lot.  Our program was Conscience Point Shellfish.  They talked about expansion of their facility through grants.  There trying to get away from being in business and concentrate on improving the improvement of the ecosystem of clams, and oysters.  For more information on them you can check them out here
SES Opening Act Club:
January: Ryan Rost- 4th Grade
February- Nina Rost- 4th Grade
March- Vada Ruiz- 4th Grade
SIS Early Act Club:
January: Samuel Telvi - 8th Grade
February: Joseph Lesta - 7th Grade
March: Anahi Rosas - 8th Grade
SHS: For the Interact Club:
January - London Bess - 12th Grade
February - Paul Delzatto II - 12th Grade
March - Casey Cartagena - 12th Grade
Sheily Ruiz- High School Student of the Month
Stella Bond- Elementary Student of the Month 
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