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Director at Large Committee -Dr. Nick Dyno Chairperson

  • Annual Spaghetti Dinner • Robert Gill/Seamus Doyle
  • Past Presidents Dinner • Roy Wines/John Abbate
  • Fireside Chat • Marty Gilmartin/Roy Wines
  • Scholarships •  Terri Kiernan/John David Rose
  • Student of the Month • Bill Pell/Sarah Fitzsimons
  • Club Roster • Fred VanderWerven/Paul Conroy
  • Breakers Game • Tim Corwin/Brian Leiser/Robert Gill

Community Service Committee - Lynda DiBenedetto Chairperson

Community service is one of the Avenues of Service which encourages Rotarians to offer service to their communities.   Every Rotary club and every Rotarian assumes a responsibility to find ways to improve the quality of life for those in their communities and to serve the public interest.

Community Service Committee of Southampton Rotary leads in the following:

  • Southamptonfest  •  Don Sullivan/Paul Conroy/Rachel Hulse
  • 8K Run  •  P. Conroy/E. Dimonda/K.O’Connell/F .VanderWerven
  • Attendance  •   Alexis Mayer
  • Fellowship  •  Ed  Dimonda/Dave Dempsey
  • Veterans Activities  •  Tom Guldi/Ray Enstine/Joe Taranto
  • Fresh Air Home Picnic  •  Beau Hulse

Vocational Service Committee -  Mark Hannan  Chairperson

Through vocational service, Rotarians contribute their professional expertise and skills to address societal problems and needs, and to promote high ethical standards in the workplace

  • Club Historian • Marty Gilmartin/Fred VanderWerven
  • Pictures / Public Relations • Robert Ross/Joe Louchheim
  • Presidential Citation • Paul Conroy/Fred VanderWerven
  • Scout Troops • Roy Wines
  • Website • Paul Conroy/Fred VanderWerven
  • Golf Tournament • Terri Kiernan/Ron Krawczyk/Kevin O’Connell

International Service Committee - Julianne Moseley Chairperson

Rotary clubs engage in local and international service projects in thousands of communities all over the world.

  • Family Picnic • Harold Wilson/Robert Gill
  • Coat Drive • Dave Dempsey
  • Christmas Baskets • Robert Gill
  • Interact Club • Rob Kalbacher
  • Youth Programs: Exchange Students/RYLA • Mike O’Sullivan

Club Service Committee - Brian Leiser Chairperson

Service Above Self is Rotary’s principal motto, which means that every Rotarian is responsible for finding ways to improve the quality of life in his or her community and in those around the world through service.  The role of the Club Service committee is to lead the club’s service initiatives and to help develop and implement educational, humanitarian, and vocational service projects that benefit the local community and communities in other countries.

Club Service in Southampton Rotary serves in the following initiatives, to name a few:

  • Greeters/Programs • Rosane Casella/Tim Blenk
  • Camp Paquatuck • Tim Corwin/Roman Klinger
  • Heavy Bags • Dave Dempsey/Brian Leiser/Joe Taranto
  • Sergeant at Arms • Jim Van Nostrand/Tim Blenk
  • Rotary Foundation/Polio Plus • Ray Enstine/Ed Simioni
  • New Members • Fred VanderWerven/Barbara Ham
  • Club Directory  • Brian Leiser
  • Senior Members • Barbara Ham

Rotary International Foundation - Alexis Mayer Chairperson


Club Public Relations - Gianna Volpe Chairperson