As the Greeter, please plan to arrive early enough to get the meeting room in order and greet Rotary Members and visitors as they arrive. A good rule of thumb is to allow 30 minutes for this. Prior to the meeting, you should prepare a short invocation or prayer for the meeting. As the greeter, you will also be asked to share a little about yourself at the beginning of the meeting. Don’t forget to share something that isn’t common knowledge. When you arrive, some of the items will already be laid out for you. 


You have been asked to be the desk here is what is expected of you.  2 Members are required on the desk.  Desk duties are for a full month.  All members are required to pay the lunch fee of $20, unless you are not eating $10.  A dash indicates not eating, and a check indicates paid.  All of the members are on an alphabetical lists.  Guests must also be logged in to the book.  Our program eats lunch for free.  


A program can be anything educational about something that's going on in our community.  We encourage all of our members to provide one program per year.  We can schedule your program ahead of time, or programs can be suggested to the Community Service Director (currently Paul Cassella).  The program is an intrigal part of our meeting.  Additional programs are scheduled for Student of The Month, Visits from Rotary Personnel,  Charities, and Meet the Rotarian.  
It's important to keep the spirit of rotary alive.  We do this by sharing rotary with our friends and family.  Want to expose someone you know to our fun.  Invite people to join us at our weekly meetings, and everything that we do to benefit our community.Add text here
Our club has decreased size throughout the years so our policy is "All hands on Deck"  We need everyone  to participate in these 3 very important duties in our meeting to make our meetings the best they can be.  Switching is encouraged so we can cover everything.  As of our October 5th, 2023.  We will be fining members $10 for not participating in their duties.